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Teenage Engineering OB-4 looking epic on my sideboard

the OB-4 is a smile-making machine.if you like smiling and don't have enough smiling in your life, buy it already.that's the review.update:that's not the review.i have random thoughts to no particular order:it's maybe as wide as a human head.if directly in front, you'll hear stereo separation (tweeters placed in outer-most corners help.)paint finish is perfect until it isn't.i had a blemish on mine. looked like a finger smudge in certain light.TE kindly said they'd replace it. but they're slow and bumbling about it. it took over a month to get a replacement. so that's a month without the OB-4.pulling teeth...and the kicker is the replacement also arrived with a blemish (different place, smaller) and i can't stomach the replacement process again. so i'll live with it.otherwise, the build is excellent.buttons (all two) feel nice.the volume stick thingy feels good, or at least alright. i dunno. it's easy to turn. maybe too easy? no idea. subjective.not cheap feeling though.all nice.and the spinning disc on the far right is particularly cool. place a finger gently upon it, and it stops spinning (along with the music, with that satisfying tape abruptly stopping screech sound.)neat.turn it clockwise and you'll scrub forward.counter-clockwise, and you'll reverse the "tape"...
you get the idea.
it's fun.
and intuitive.
what else?
i like to place it upright on my desk, right in front of me, where i work. doing so i can still see my computer screen behind it. so i enjoy music hitting both ears.on that,i don't much like hearing sound coming predominantly from one side of my head. which is a problem when you have a narrow sound source (you can't snap this thing in half and stick either side of your head, for good reason.)so you place somewhere and you're either in front of it or it's off-centre.i'm weird though.maybe you won't care about precise placement.more thoughts to follow.